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Anand Ahuja sports a sweatshirt featuring his wife Sonam Kapoor’s name

sonam kapoor

Anand Ahuja, Sonam Kapoor, and their son Vayu are enjoying a holiday in Scotland. Just a day after Sonam Kapoor’s birthday celebration, Anand Ahuja shared two heartfelt photos from their trip. In the first picture, Sonam is looking down while the camera focuses on Anand’s sweatshirt, which has “Sonam” written on it. In the second picture, Sonam is seen with Vayu on her lap. The couple is also pictured walking through the lush green countryside. Anand captioned the post with a reflective message: “…found presumptuousness in the question, ‘What is the meaning of life?’ As though it’s someone else’s responsibility to tell you. Instead, he said, the world is asking YOU that question. And it’s your job to answer with your actions.” He added, “…and sometimes the answer is as simple as letting you know & feel how special you are to me and all those around you.” Take a look:

sonam kapoor

Earlier today, Anand Ahuja shared a heartwarming picture of himself, Sonam Kapoor, and their son Vayu enjoying a joyful moment in a village pool. In the caption, he wrote, “A dedicated birthday post for @sonamkapoor is coming, but first, a little note about this photo I’ve been wanting to share on Sonam’s birthday. It captures the three of us, but what it doesn’t show is the rest of the ‘village’ that helps us raise Vayu, providing him with valuable experiences, lessons, values, company, and, of course, fun! We are truly grateful for all the friends and family who create the world around us. And, of course, my most special person in the world, @sonamkapoor, who is always the ‘glue’ in her groups. She shows up for others, and they show up for her—friends from birth and new friends in a new city. May we always remain aware of our blessings, keep perspective in our experiences, and acknowledge all those who contribute to who we are.” Take a look at the post here:

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