Dua Lipa delves into “Illusion” as she prepares for the release of her upcoming album.

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Dua Lipa is diving headfirst into the summer vibes with her latest single, “Illusion,” a tantalizing preview from her upcoming album, “Radical Optimism.”

Directed by the talented Ukrainian filmmaker Tanu Muino, the music video is a burst of energy, featuring synchronized swimmers, daring high divers, and dynamic dancers. Shot at the iconic Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc in Barcelona, the same spot where Kylie Minogue filmed her legendary “Slow” video, “Illusion” boasts a visually stunning aesthetic that perfectly complements Lipa’s magnetic presence.

Throughout the video, Lipa effortlessly dons a variety of summery outfits, enhancing the vibrant atmosphere while delivering a performance that mirrors the song’s themes of self-awareness and empowerment.

“Illusion” marks the third single release from “Radical Optimism,” scheduled to drop officially on May 3rd, 2024. Preceded by the visually captivating tracks “Houdini” and “Training Season,” the song holds a significant place in the album’s narrative, co-written by Lipa alongside Caroline Ailin, Danny L Harle, Tobias Jesso Jr., and Kevin Parker.

Reflecting on the song’s creation, Lipa shared, “‘Illusion’ really set the tone for the entire record. It’s about recognizing the game you’re playing but choosing to stay for the thrill. You won’t fall for an illusion.”

The reception has been phenomenal, with “Illusion” amassing over three million views within just 24 hours of its release. Fans are eagerly anticipating the full album drop on May 3rd, as Lipa herself expressed her excitement on Instagram, sharing, “I hope you love this song and video as much as we truly loved making it!”

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