“Heeramandi” actor Sharmin Segal shares look test pics

sharmin segal

Sharmin Segal, an actor from the series Heeramandi and a relative of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, recently posted pictures from her look test. In the show, she portrayed Alamzeb, the daughter of Mallikajaan, played by Manisha Koirala. Sharing the images, Segal captioned them as “Alamzeb look tests” along with a few emojis. Following intense trolling criticizing her for “expressionless” acting, Segal disabled comments on one of her Instagram posts.

Sharmin Segal recently shared a picture from a magazine shoot that sparked a wave of negative reactions in the comments section. One user criticized her performance in a role, saying, “I really don’t like her as Alam… no expression, same expression?” Another commenter lamented, “Alamzeb was such a beautiful character, but SLB cast his wooden, expressionless niece. Every time she was on screen, it was a yawn fest. Didn’t like her one bit. Even the girl who played Saima was way better than Sharmin.” A different comment read, “Am I the only one who skipped her scenes because they were boring to watch? Someone else really deserves this role, sorry to say!” Sharmin was even labeled as “the most inexpressive actress” by one person. Another viewer questioned her constant smiling in a series, stating, “Why were you smiling the whole time? You single-handedly ruined the joy of watching the series.”

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