Janhvi Kapoor’s Net Worth 82 Crore

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Janhvi Kapoor is sitting pretty with a whopping net worth of Rs. 82 crore and pockets a cool Rs. 5-10 crore for each film she stars in. Meanwhile, netizens are scratching their heads in disbelief, probably checking their own bank accounts and wondering where they went wrong!

Janhvi Kapoor, Bollywood’s darling and a favorite among her generation, is the proud daughter of the iconic Sridevi and producer Boney Kapoor. With solid talent and serious acting skills, she’s carved out her own niche in the film industry since her 2018 debut in “Dhadak.” Janhvi’s career trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric, and she’s garnered a huge fan base, not just for her performances but also for her undeniable beauty and eye-catching fashion sense.

Janhvi Kapoor earns a cool Rs. 5-10 crore for each film as her acting fee

The magazine didn’t stop there; it spilled a bunch of juicy financial tea about the actress. Janhvi Kapoor, who has become a sought-after face for leading brands, reportedly pockets a hefty Rs. 70-80 lakh for each endorsement. On the real estate front, she’s snapping up properties across Mumbai like a pro. Her Bandra pad alone is pegged at a cool Rs. 30 crore. And let’s not forget her garage, which is stuffed with luxury cars worth over Rs. 5 crore. To top it off, the magazine notes that Janhvi’s film fees range from a staggering Rs. 5-10 crore per project. Talk about living the high life!

Netizens are buzzing about Janhvi Kapoor’s net worth and her hefty film fees, but they’re shaking their heads in disbelief and waving off the numbers as nearly unbelievable

A screenshot of the magazine cover popped up on Reddit,

Sparking a heated debate among netizens about Janhvi Kapoor’s reported net worth and her film fees. It’s safe to say that quite a few users couldn’t wrap their heads around the numbers thrown around, and skepticism turned into criticism. Some questioned the justification of her earnings compared to her contributions to cinema. One user quipped, “Why would anyone pay her 5-10 cr lol. I mean she was born rich, but god is really unfair. Her one brand endorsement is someone’s lifetime income,” while another added, “5cr already? She hasn’t even had one box office hit. How does she charge 5cr?”

To refine the grammar and style, you could say: “Do you believe Janhvi Kapoor earns this amount of money and has a net worth of 82 crore? Share your feedback in the comments!”

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