Kajol disclose ‘what her workouts look like’ in hilarious post


Kajol, adored by many, stands as a beloved figure in Bollywood. Her magnetic on-screen presence and captivating acting have garnered her a massive fan base. Beyond her cinematic endeavors, the effervescent actress actively engages with her followers on social media, sharing interactive content to keep them entertained.

During her downtime from filming, Kajol can often be found indulging in hobbies such as crocheting or enjoying the role of a playful backseat driver. Embracing solitude, she finds joy in her own company and embraces life with gusto. Recently, she delighted her fans with yet another humorous post from her workout sessions, adding a touch of fun to her routine.

Earlier today, Kajol shared a playful glimpse into her workout routine on her Instagram. In the snapshot, she’s reclining on a pilates machine, clad in sleek all-black athleisure, and donning stylish sunglasses. Injecting some humor, she teased her followers to guess whether the photo was snapped pre- or post-workout, giving them a peek into her fitness regimen. She captioned the post, “Since everyone’s curious about my workouts… here’s a pic. अब बताओ यह वर्कआउट के पहले था या बाद में (Now tell this was before or after the workout).”

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