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Katrina Kaif’s Deepfake French Video Sparks Internet Buzz

Deep Fakes Getting Scary: AI Video Shows Katrina Kaif Speaking in French

Bollywood is buzzing with concern over a recent wave of deepfake episodes and misleading content created through Artificial Intelligence (AI). At first, it was a spread of digitally altered images of popular star Rashmika Mandanna. Now, a new video has emerged online showing an AI-generated clip of Katrina delivering a speech in French. This video adds to the growing concern surrounding the spread of fabricated content.

Originally captured in 2019, the video features Katrina and Salman Khan at the Mumbai launch of Bina Kak’s book, “Silent Sentinels of Ranthambhore.” Shared by an Instagram fan page, the video comes with a caption: “Back in 2019, both Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan attended the book launch (Silent Sentinels of Ranthambhore) of Bina Kak ji. While the French voiceover is AI-generated, the speech remains unchanged from its original version; no alterations or distortions have been made.

Katrina’s fans had varying reactions in the comments. Some expressed unease over the deepfake, commenting on the progress of AI technology. Others admitted they were almost fooled by the edited video. However, there were those who genuinely believed it to be authentic, showering praise on Katrina for her talent and grace.

One person commented, ‘God, the deepfakes are getting scarryyyyyyyy.’ Another added: ‘AI (Artificial intelligence) at its best.’ Another said, ‘I almost fell for this edited video.Others who fell for the AI-generated video commented, ‘She’s so supremely talented unlike any other actresses!’

The rise of deepfake incidents reminds us of the dangers of technology, highlighting the urgent need for strict measures to stop the spread of fake content. These controversies have caused concern not only in the film industry but also sparked talks about the ethical use of AI and the role of social media platforms in stopping the spread of false information.

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