Raveena Tandon: “In the 90s, I made what male stars made in 15 films.”

raveena tandon

Actress Raveena Tandon, known for her recent standout performance in the legal drama film “Patna Shuklla,” has been candid about her experiences in the Bollywood industry. In a recent conversation with Jist, she shed light on the significant pay gap between male and female actors during the 90s. Reflecting on those times, Tandon remarked that actresses received significantly lower pay compared to their male counterparts. She revealed, “Back then, the remuneration for actresses was quite meager. The pay gap between male and female stars was glaring. While male actors earned substantially more, I had to work on around 15 films to match their earnings from one project. However, I can’t generalize this experience to all actresses.” Tandon also highlighted the discrepancy in the number of films male and female actors could afford to choose. “Male actors like Aamir and Salman had the luxury of being selective with their projects, whereas actresses often worked with numerous actors to sustain themselves financially,” she explained. Despite the challenges, Tandon emphasized that the overall compensation was much lower compared to today’s standards.

In a separate interview with NDTV, Raveena Tandon discussed instances where she turned down projects due to discomfort with certain aspects like costumes and dance moves. She recalled asserting herself by saying, “I refuse to perform this step or wear this costume.” Tandon elaborated on her stance, stating, “There were occasions where I had to decline roles because I felt the costumes or sequences weren’t suitable for me. I’ve stood by my principles even if it meant sacrificing opportunities. That’s just how I chose to navigate my career.”

raveena tandon

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