Vidya Balan is thankful for the love shown to “Do Aur Do Pyaar”

It sounds like Vidya Balan is truly basking in the success of her latest film, “Do Aur Do Pyaar,” and she’s showing her appreciation for the audience’s support. It’s always heartening to see actors express their gratitude for the love they receive from fans. I hope the positive response continues and more people get to enjoy the film!

Certainly! Vidya Balan’s expression of excitement and gratitude on Instagram reflects her appreciation for the positive reception her latest film, “Do Aur Do Pyaar,” has been receiving from the audience. By posting a video message, she directly connects with her fans and expresses her heartfelt thanks for their support

Her use of words like “excited,” “love,” “joy,” “gratitude,” and “smiles” conveys the depth of her emotions and how much she values the response to her work. Additionally, her call to “spread the word” and encourage others to watch the film indicates her desire for its success to continue and for more people to experience it.

Overall, Vidya’s message on Instagram not only acknowledges the appreciation she’s received but also serves as a way to engage with her audience and promote the film further. It’s a lovely gesture that demonstrates her humility and connection with her fans.

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