Babil Khan’s cryptic break-up post, “I love to miss you,” has fans worried

babil khan

Babil Khan, known for his down-to-earth nature, recently shared intimate snapshots with a poignant caption about moving on, illustrating the complexities of growth and heartache. He wrote, “I don’t think moving on is about trying to hide away what you have loved. In reality, you never really move on from the people you have loved. They become a part of your life and the sails that catch the winds that make you who you are.”

In a heartfelt poem, he expressed, “I chipped my tooth falling down the stairs, I like how you sound when you laugh. When you leave, take my crooked smile with you. Let me rebuild another half. I love to look at you. I’ll miss how you breathe, giggling inappropriately and carrying your scuba gear on the beach. I love to hold your hands. I’ll miss crossing roads running, wasted at dawn and far from home. I’ll miss dropping you back when it rains and you carry a small umbrella on purpose. I’ll miss how much you hate your tattoo. I love to miss you.”

Babil’s post prompted his mother, Sutapa Sikdar, the wife of the late actor Irrfan Khan, to share her struggles with moving on after losing her husband. She reminisced about moments with Irrfan, saying, “I remember him carrying my chappal because it’s broken, he walked barefoot too on scorching heat on Delhi footpath.. the memory pillow should have the memories I just can’t touch him anymore..but it rains when I miss him. I have the plants he planted with his own hands. I had no option but to stay alone. I don’t know yet what’s called moving on.”

Fans flooded the comment section with love, support, and empathy. One user advised, “Heartbreak is like physical pain. But you’ll heal and understand nothing stays forever, and life goes on… Happy healing. Eat loads, travel, sit in silence, sing, and sleep. But let it sink in.” Others echoed similar sentiments, offering affirmations such as, “Love heals. Time heals. Hope you get better.”

However, not all responses were supportive. One user criticized Babil as “corny,” but Babil responded gracefully, inviting the critic to share their idea of love. He replied, “Okay. Write me something better. That is not corny according to your standards. And write it here, don’t send it on DM. Let the people see.” Fans praised his mature handling of the situation and commended his authenticity.

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