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Imtiaz Ali’s Dream ‘Jab We Met’ Pairing: Bobby Deol & Preity Zinta

"So Bobby and Preity Zinta is the pairing I wanted but it didn't happen," said Imtiaz Ali

“Jab We Met,” starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor, won hearts as a beloved romantic comedy upon release. Despite its success, the film faced challenges, notably the breakup of its lead actors. Moreover, Bobby Deol and Preity Zinta were thought of for the main roles, but for different reasons, like timing issues, they didn’t end up being cast.

In a recent interview, filmmaker Imtiaz Ali disclosed that “Jab We Met” was the “most rejected film” of his career. Initially, he aimed to make the film with Bobby Deol. “He is one of the best friends I will ever have. So I was trying to make it with him. But it never got made to the extent that many years passed… Bobby was doing some other work, so I thought let it be, let’s not make this film together. We shook hands on that,” Imtiaz Ali shared.

Imtiaz Ali also mentioned that he considered Preity Zinta for the role of Geet. “I had also gone to Preity Zinta. Jab We Met was the most rejected film of my life. It was being rejected everywhere. It was when I narrated the film to Preity Zinta in her house, that she laughed. I thought she is laughing at me, mocking me! But she said it was really funny. So, I continued narrating. That was the first time somebody had complimented the film. So I owe it to her and whenever I meet her I give her a special hug and thank her that, You were the first person, who told me this film is ok. So Bobby and Preity Zinta is the pairing I wanted but it didn’t happen,” he added.

For Valentine’s Day 2024, the creators of Jab We Met decided to bring the movie back to theaters for all the couples celebrating love. The story follows Aditya Kashyap (played by Shahid), a wealthy man with a broken heart who impulsively hops on a train after his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. On the journey, he encounters Geet Dhillon (played by Kareena), a spontaneous girl planning to elope with her lover. Aditya gets drawn into her adventurous life, gradually falling for her as she introduces him to a more fulfilling and lively way of living.

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