Priyanka Chopra’s daughter Malti is the ‘chief troublemaker’ on the Heads Of State set, with her own ID card to prove it


Priyanka Chopra takes immense delight in her role as a mother to her daughter Malti Marie. Balancing her affection for motherhood with her passion for acting, there are occasions when Chopra must leave her beloved baby at home to pursue her acting endeavors.

However, a recent shoot for the upcoming Hollywood film “Heads of State” brought an extraordinary moment of joy for Chopra. In a heartwarming gesture, she shared with her followers a glimpse of Malti’s personalized ID card from the film set, showcasing her daughter’s adorable picture and the endearing title “Chief Troublemaker.” This delightful revelation reflects the actress’s joy in being able to blend her professional and personal worlds, bringing her cherished little one into her workplace. Through Instagram stories and posts, Chopra not only shares updates on her projects but also celebrates the special moments she shares with her daughter on set.

Priyanka Chopra, renowned for her multifaceted career spanning acting and production, often finds herself juggling her professional commitments with her role as a mother. Despite the demands of her career, Chopra adores her daughter Malti Marie and cherishes the time spent with her.

Recently, while filming for the Hollywood project “Heads of State,” Chopra had the opportunity to integrate her personal and professional lives in a heartwarming manner. Bringing Malti onto the film set allowed her to experience the joy of motherhood alongside her acting endeavors.

In a touching gesture, Chopra shared with her followers a glimpse of Malti’s personalized ID card from the set. This ID card, adorned with Malti’s adorable picture and the playful designation of “Chief Troublemaker,” symbolized the blending of Chopra’s roles as both a mother and an actress. Through social media, Chopra not only updates her fans on her projects but also celebrates the moments of connection she shares with her daughter in the midst of her busy schedule. This gesture highlights Chopra’s dedication to balancing her professional pursuits with her profound love for her daughter, showcasing the joy that comes from integrating both aspects of her life.


The actress has taken on a new role as executive producer for the Academy Award-nominated documentary “To Kill a Tiger.” Directed by the talented Indian-born Canadian filmmaker Nisha Pahuja, she excitedly shared this news on her social media platform.

Under her production banner, Purple Pebble Pictures, she has partnered with Awedacious Originals to produce the documentary “Women Of My Billions.” Directed by Ajitesh Sharma, this film portrays the real-life journey of a woman traveling from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, shedding light on the experiences of women who have faced violence.

In addition to her production ventures, the Desi girl recently appeared on screen in the film “Love Again” and the web series “Citadel,” where she shares the spotlight with Richard Madden and Stanley Tucci. Her upcoming project, “Heads of State,” will see her starring alongside Idris Elba and John Cena.

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