Sonam Kapoor speaks out on post-birth body changes, admitting, “I was traumatized”


Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor recently opened up about her journey of adapting to the changes following the birth of her son, Vaayu. Known for her confident and self-assured demeanor, Sonam shared that while she has always embraced herself for who she is, the experience of gaining 32 kilos post-childbirth was quite traumatic for her. During an episode of the podcast Fashionably Pernia, the actor candidly discussed the alterations she made in her fashion choices after becoming a mother. Sonam revealed, “I gained 32 kilos. Honestly, initially, I was traumatized. You are so consumed with your baby, you really aren’t focused on working out or eating right. It took me a year and a half. I took it really slow; you have to because you need to adjust to the new you.”

Addressing the transformative journey of motherhood, Sonam Kapoor delves into the profound shifts in her life. She articulates the nuanced alterations in her self-perception, marital dynamics, and overall outlook. Emphasizing acceptance, she reflects on her evolving relationship with her body, acknowledging the necessity of embracing every phase. Through an Instagram post, she chronicles her 16-month-long voyage towards reclaiming familiarity with herself, devoid of drastic measures. Gratitude permeates her words as she honors the resilience and marvel of her body amid the intricate tapestry of womanhood.

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